Cotton Club meets customers’ demand through the proposal of elegant and refined outwear suits, perfectly suitable for the daily routine, characterized by the research of precious materials and realized following the handicraft tradition 100% MADE IN ITALY

The suits are presented in 3 different kind of jackets and trouser, produced by various materials in order to offer a wider choice.

The first suit proposed (delivery date End of April 2021) GELSOMINO jacket and GIACINTO fuseaux are realized by a “slippy” and “falling” satin viscose, characterized by a stylized Dalia design which is visible only on the transparency of Jacquard manufacturing.

The GELSOMINO jacket is short at the waist with zip, pockets at the sides, and doubled fabric hood with coulisse.

The GIACINTO fuseaux is straight but not tight, with coulisse edge at the waist and at the wrists.

Both garments are made precious by knitted ribbed edges, (in the Black version they are in colour contrast) that frame the pockets, the wrists and the waistline.

Other two suits (delivery date End of February 2021) are realized in soft elastic COTTON FLEECE with inlays in soft and elastic CHARMEAUSE JACQUARD. Made with natural fabrics for an excellent sensation on the skin.

The hoodie BORA with its large doubled fabric hook, diagonal “pouch” cut and edge at the waist has a sporty look and excellent comfort/fitting.

The sweatshirt URAGANO is made with transverse zip, pockets at the sides, wraparound doubled high neck and coulisse at the back on waistline. This style is carefully studied in order to offer a tapered cut which defines and enhances the body.

Both trousers can be matched according the personal taste, the style and the fitting of each one item is different.

The trousers TIFONE, has pockets at the side and little Jacquard pockets at the back, the edge with coulisse at the waist and straight cut.

While the tight fuseaux VENTO is an evergreen and expresses a more modern and gritty style.

ALL garments proposed (as by our now solid tradition) are 100% MADE in ITALY , using high quality materials, certificated OEKO-TEX which ensures the absolute lack of harmful substances, in order to satisfy our customers who are concerned about high quality, comfort and excellent fitting.